Pian delle Femene peak through Unesco Prosecco hills

Pian delle Femene: a very challenging climb

If you want to test yourself at a challenging and strenuous climb, this is the right tour for you. The ascent to Pian delle Femene is undoubtedly hard. It winds its way up a 9.2-kilometer-long road, with an average gradient of nearly 10 percent. Once you reach the summit, the view will be able to offer you the right reward for your effort.

Photographic scenarios

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Suggested period

This route is recommended in Summer and Spring

Route suitable for all types of bicycles

The road surface is always paved, making this route suitable for all types of bicycles

Big climbs

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The itinerary

For this itinerary we propose to start from the parking lot of the Conegliano swimming pools, where you can park your car and start riding your bike. Nevertheless you can decide to shorten or lengthen the route as you like, starting for example from Tarzo or Vittorio Veneto. 

The first kilometers wind along the Unesco Prosecco hills, these first climbs are very rideable, perfect to warm up your legs a bit in view of the ascent to Pian delle Femene. 

As the minutes pass, the Pre-Alps get closer and closer and once you reach Revine, leaving the two lakes to the left, the real climb will begin

The ascent to Pian de le Femene is tough. To get this we can look at its altimetry, almost always with double-digit gradients. The climb begins by passing the foot of the shrine of St. Francis of Paola. The gradient is immediately hard and steady with figures always close to 10 percent. The hardest section is the middle one, from kilometer 4 to 6 the gradient is always over 11 percent, with peaks of 18 percent. These are two kilometers that require a strong endurance on the legs, but once passed the ascent lose a bit of difficulty, but never drop below 8%.

Once reached the summit, enjoy a well deserved rest while scanning the horizon, which on clear days allows you to see the Venice lagoon in the distance. During summer you will also find refreshments at Agriturismo Casera Vecia and Rifugio Alpino Pian delle Femene, which offer hearty traditional dishes. 

Once you have rested, continue downhill along the outward route. Once in Revine take the road along Colmaggiore to Tarzo, here you will also have a nice view of the Revine lakes. The remaining kilometers wind along quiet back roads through the Prosecco hills, passing also by the Molinetto della Croda in Refrontolo. 

Once you reach Conegliano, we recommend that you stop for a refreshing traditional “aperitivo”. You’ve earned it! 

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