This site was designed and created by the to help make the trails and adventures of the Venetian Prealps known to all those who wish to discover new routes on foot or by bicycle. The site provides directions and data regarding routes, stages, support and points of interest, and useful information for organizing one’s own excursions.

In this regard, the authors and owners of the site www.trekkyo.com specify the following:

The routes described on the “trekkyo.com” website are of “Hiking” (E) difficulty with variants of “EE” (Experienced Hikers) difficulty for “trekking” and of varying cyclo-hiking difficulty, with even challenging sections, for those on “bike”, as more precisely indicated on other pages of this site or in downloadable documents from this site. These difficulties can also increase significantly as weather conditions and the state of the terrain (mud, snow, ice) change.

Markers along the trails are available, but nevertheless not continuously. In any case, it is necessary to be equipped with a topographic map and compass and to be properly trained in their proper use.

For all these reasons, every hike or cycle-hike should be prepared and approached with due precautions and care, adopting all the best-known and most common cautionary behaviors for hiking in the mountains and wilderness, including:

Clothing should be appropriate for the trail, environment, temperatures and weather.
In the case of hiking trails, hiking boots are absolutely recommended.
For cyclo-hiking routes, a bicycle in perfect mechanical condition is always required.
Carefully evaluate the walking time depending on your ability and training status.
Assess weather conditions (recent and upcoming) also to predict likely terrain conditions.
Do not venture out alone if inexperienced. If alone, always notify someone of your movements before setting out on each hike and give notice of arrival.
Follow the marked trail carefully and do not stray from it.
Carry a backpack containing everything needed for a mountain hike.

By continuing to consult this site the user:

That he/she has carefully read and understood this notice in its entirety, that he/she is aware of all the risks inherent in this type of activity, and that he/she accepts them in their entirety.

That he/she assumes full responsibility regarding his/her own safety and is fully aware of:

  • problems associated with hiking and biking in the mountains, during which difficulties may arise due to weather conditions (bad weather, fog, poor or no visibility, etc.);
  • orientation problems of any kind and the possibility of going off the trail and into areas not described by this site;
  • problems related to inadequate clothing and/or safety equipment;


That he/she releases the developers and authors of the portal “trekkyo.com” and third parties collaborating in any capacity from any liability for any damage and/or injury and/or loss suffered by him/herself or his/her personal effects in connection with the travel of the routes indicated on the site “trekkyo.com”, whatever the cause.

To release the developers and authors of the “trekkyo.com” portal and third party contributors in any capacity from all liability, including any legal fees, for any damage, loss, damage or injury occurring to third parties and/or property as a result of the user’s conduct.
To be fully aware of the following regarding GPS tracks and related licenses:
The GPS tracks for the routes on the following site, for both Trekking and Bike routes, are provided using the external Komoot platform. Whatever the processing technique, the tracks may contain errors due to the instruments used, or the way they are surveyed or plotted.The condition of the routes can also change significantly over time, due to vegetation, snow cover, hydrogeological disruption, road works, etc. In addition, it is possible that, without our knowledge, the routes may affect private property, or potentially dangerous sections due to the presence of vehicular traffic or accidental fall hazards (e.g., channels without protection, exposed sections in the mountains, etc.). As a consequence of this, both the directions provided by this site and the GPS tracks should be considered as indicative information.
The tracks should be used with the utmost care in cases of poor visibility and adverse weather conditions. The authors urge anyone using the tracks published on this site to exercise caution in using the information, and not to rely on GPS tools uncritically.

In all cases, the authors disclaim any responsibility for any kind of problems or accidents that may occur along the routes indicated by this site.