Praderadego bike tour

A route through the hills of Conegliano to the summit at Praderadego

This itinerary is immersed in the Prosecco Hills of Conegliano. But there's not only this, indeed you will reach an altitude of 1,000 meters arriving in the hamlet of Praderadego, surrounded by greenery and absolute tranquility.

Photographic scenarios

You will not be disappointed, our trails deserve many photos that you can share with all your friends

Suggested period

This route is recommended in summer and spring

Roads with little traffic

This route prefers secondary and less busy roads more suitable for cycling

Suitable for all types of bikes

The route passes over paved roads, so it is passable by road bike, mountain bike and e-bike

Praderadego bike tour: the itinerary

Leaving Conegliano, we begin to climb along the Conegliano hills that will take us to Rua di Feletto, from here we continue through San Pietro di Feletto to arrive then at Refrontolo. 

Here turn right following the signs for Molinetto della Croda. Pay attention to the two sharp bends that will be encountered, always keeping to the right. In this stretch the vegetation increases and, especially in summer, the temperature becomes more pleasant for pedaling. 

After two kilometers you will meet the Molinetto della Croda, we suggest you take a break here to admire the beauty of the place and take some photos. Starting again, you will pedal in the direction of Rolle, a small village nestled in the Prosecco Hills, from where you will be able to admire a splendid view of all the surrounding hills. 

Past Rolle you will continue by turning right along a steep climb that climbs along two hairpin bends. We continue until we reach, after a steep descent, the village of Gai. From here we can reach the beginning of the ascent of Praderadego by passing through secondary roads that for short stretches are on an unpaved surface, but still passable also by road bike being well beaten. We can otherwise continue along the main road, which is, however, busy and does not offer much tread for cyclists. 

Once in Valmareno the climb to Praderadego begins. For some stretches the gradients get tough, with points touching 16 to 17 percent. The road surface is not the best but still allows the passage even for road bikes. Aiding the ascent is certainly the shade brought by the forest that leaves few sunny spots. Once you reach the top you can continue towards the province of Belluno. On the downhill road you will find signs for Zumelle Castle, a quaint medieval castle still intact. 

In our itinerary we descend instead by the same road we faced on the way up, be careful, the roadbed does not allow high speeds, be cautious! 

On the way back we suggest you make a stop to visit the small but charming village of Cison di Valmarino. From here, the road back winds through the hills surrounding Conegliano until you return to the city center.

Point of interest

Cison di Valmarino
Cison di Valmarino is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. In August it hosts a live craft market and in December a traditional Christmas market
Prosecco hills
The route is immersed in the Prosecco Hills starting from Conegliano and reaching Valdobbiadene you will run along the Prosecco DOCG area

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