Bike around San Boldo Pass

San Boldo Pass: a quiet climb between the wood

This itinerary starts from Conegliano but it is possible to shorten it; you can start from the lakes of Revine or from Tovena, a village located at the foot of the San Boldo Pass. Both solutions will allow you to park your car as there are several parking lots, both paid and free. Tackling the San Boldo Pass by bike is not for everyone. The route requires good physical preparation, the elevation gain is not excessive but still remains considerable, almost 2000 meters. But don't worry you can do it anyway by using an e-bike!

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Professional guide

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Free parking

This itinerary provides you with free parking space for your car

Amazing sceneries

You will not be disappointed and we are sure that you will stop your bike to capture some of the beautiful landscapes that you will find

Suggested Period

Summer and Spring. You can do it also in winter but look out for the ice on the road.

San Boldo Pass cycling itinerary

The first climb to be tackled is the San Boldo Pass, this road is characterized by the presence of four tunnels dug into the mountain, allowing you to cross the mountain that connects the province of Treviso to that of Belluno. This first climb is quite rideable; it is 6 kilometers long with an average gradient of 7.5 percent, allowing you to reach an elevation of 706 meters above sea level.

Reaching the top of the pass a long but gentle descent leads to the village of Trichiana, here you turn right in the direction of Limana, and once you reach this destination you go back up going into the woods in the direction of Valmorel, past this small village you will continue through other small villages: Melere and Pranolz.

A few more pedaling allows you to rejoin the village of Sant’Antonio di Tortal, retracing the road of the outward journey you will descend along the hairpin bends of the San Boldo Pass returning to the starting point.

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