Revine Lago: History and Nature

Revine Lago: a small town overlooking two lakes

Revine Lago is a small village in the hinterland of Treviso in which you can see, walking through the villages nestled between the mountains and overlooking the two lakes of Lago and Santa Maria, the cultural anthropology that is an indelible and indissoluble part of these territories, territories that were home to a peasant civilization that lived thanks to the exploitation of the resources offered by the mountain slopes and the territory, the object of a subsistence economy in which nothing was thrown away.

This culture shines through in the structure of the masonry houses, built using local stone, the same stone that still remains in some sections of the road pavement and in the dry stone walls, in the floor and ceiling beams, as well as in the terraces, built through the use of local wood.

Also working in Revine Lago is the poet Luciano Cecchinel, who bears the culture of these places, which he strives to employ in the archaic forms and conservative lexicon of the local dialect employed in his poems. He was named by Andrea Zanzotto, Italy’s greatest poet, as his heir.

In the hamlet of Revine, moreover, the Sacred Performances of the Living Nativity at Christmas, and the Passion of Christ at Easter have been held for almost a century.
Finally, since 2005, the hamlet of Lago has hosted the Lago Film Fest every summer, a film festival of international renown where short films, documentaries and screenplays are screened.

Top three things to see:

Revine Lakes
Two small but picturesque lakes, both of which are swimmable. Don’t miss the relaxing promenade built around them
Archeological park of Livelet
The educational park allows visitors to go on a discovery tour of some finds of prehistoric artifacts
Pian de le Femene
The Pian de le Femene is a plateau located on the ridge of the Belluno Prealps in the vicinity of the Col Visentin peak, from where it is possible to admire a splendid 360° panorama

Revine Lakes

The two lakes of Revine are the result of Wurm deglaciation and the retreat of the Piave Glacier. The two lakes of Lago and Santa Maria, from the hamlets of the municipalities to which they belong, are connected by an interlacual canal (Canale Barche) and are fed by the intermittent resurgence of the Piaveson Canal, as well as by underground springs in Santa Maria Lake. The lake’s communication with the outside world is mainly provided by the river Tajada, which flows into the Soligo and is of artificial origin, built for the purpose of stemming the overflow phenomena that occurred in the rainy season and reclaiming the land surrounding the lake.

Today, a path has been built in the route around the lakes that allows for close observation of the birdlife, thanks in part to the recent construction of a bird-watching lookout at the connection point between the two lakes. The itinerary has recently been enhanced by several playgrounds for children, both in the Vaà de le Femene area and in the Santa Maria green area, and has been provided with parking spaces.

In addition to further enhance the itinerary, interactive tourism tools have recently been applied: five permanent installations equipped with a graphic information panel that, when framed with a smartphone, allow the user to activate the dedicated app and view a digital animation, and five frames, produced by the local recreational group “Al Portego,” which allow visitors to immortalize themselves with the lake in the background and then post photos with the hashtag #laghidacornice.

Livelet educational archaeological park

Revine Lago is also home to the Livelet Archaeological-Educational Park was inaugurated in 2007 in order to enhance the findings discovered since 1987 in the Colmaggiore locality, on the border between Tarzo and Revine Lago.

Here, in fact, a considerable amount of prehistoric artifacts are discovered testifying to a farming, gathering, hunting and fishing activity practiced in this area, as well as remains of wooden structures that would attest to the presence at the site of a village on reclamation or a pile dwelling.

Three pile dwellings have been reconstructed at the Park site, and it is possible to admire reconstructions of tools in use during the Neolithic, Copper Age and Bronze Age periods, as well as to participate in a variety of activities that allow visitors to become acquainted with the culture and way of life of the pile dwelling village between the Neolithic and Bronze Age.

Pian De Le Femene

Pian de le Femene is a plateau reachable from Revine Lago, located on the ridge of the Belluno Prealps in the vicinity of the Col Visentin massif and is a pass (properly called Sella di Pian de le Femene) that connects the municipalities Limana, in the province of Belluno, and Revine Lago, in the province of Treviso. From here the 360-degree panorama allows a view of the Soligo Valley from above, as well as the Dolomites to the east. 

The area was an object of interest during the Resistance period, as evidenced by the presence of a stele in memory of the union between the Mazzini and Tollot brigades that took place in September 1944 and the Museum of the Resistance named after Agostino Piol, a gold medalist for military valor, and the monument to the Partisan Woman by sculptor Gianni Pezzei.

Pian dele Femene today is frequented mainly for hiking purposes, both in summer and in winter, when copious snowfalls make it a destination for snowshoeing and sledding. In fact, the plateau is the starting and ending point of numerous trails: to the right, it is possible to reach Col Visentin (1763 m) and Nevegal; to the left, it is possible to reach “Posa,” a famous location from which to launch oneself with paragliders, while to the north, it is possible to reach the Belluno area, by means of a branch of paths that allow one to reach Valmorel with its magnificent malghe and its ancient blades, immersed in the meadow expanses and used since time immemorial as watering holes for cows; the area of Melere and Trichiana.

Itineraries in the nearby of Revine Lago

Below are all the routes and hikes found in the vicinity of Revine Lago

Laghi di Revine
Difficolty: low

The Revine lakes

Difficulty: High - Medium

Troi dele Vache: hike along an historical trail

Difficulty: Medium

Hike for Roby

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