Bivouac of the Loff

One of the most famous trails of the Venetian Prealps

Perhaps the best known trail in the Treviso Prealps, this is an itinerary that deserves to be walked at least once in your life if you live in these territories. The final destination is the famous Bivacco dei Loff ("wolves" in the local dialect), which was built by the people of Cison in 1970 and has the peculiarity of being embedded in the rock. Inside you have the opportunity to heat some food, thanks to the fireplace and eventually, to spend a night sleeping in this magical place, suspended between the mountains.


You will be able to reach a bivouac where you can spend the night, equipped with a fireplace and sleeping place.

Suggested period

This route is recommended in all seasons of the year

Professional hiking guide

This itinerary includes the possibility of booking a hiking guide who will accompany you along the entire route, explaining anecdotes and curiosities.

Free parking

This itinerary provide free parking where you can leave your vehicle for the duration of the hike

The route to reach the Bivouac of the Loff

The easiest departure for this itinerary may be from Passo San Boldo, which can be reached from the village of Tovena, and which in itself presents breathtaking scenery, with its rock gorge and tunnels, built by the Austrians during the Great War. Reaching our starting point it will be possible to take the small road to the right of the Laris restaurant. From here it will be enough to follow the signs for path 991 and for the Loff bivouac, walking along the small asphalt road that climbs uphill until you reach campo, where at the end of a vast meadow you can catch a glimpse of a large farmhouse, the Favalessa casere. From here it will be possible to glimpse on the right the signs for the Loff bivouac, accompanied by signs recently installed by the friends of the Loffs to remember and commemorate The first fifty years of the refuge's life. The path zigzags here, in the middle of the forest, from which you can admire a stupendous panorama of the scaletta pass below, of the San boldo valley, also allowing a glimpse, on the opposite slope, of the swallow is natural called "el Cagador de Orlando." We then continue on the level, until we reach a crossroads of paths from which, continuing on the left slightly downhill and following the signs for trail markers 991, we can reach shortly after, the Loff bivouac. After a well-deserved rest in this suggestive place, it is then possible to follow straight on, toward the path that zigzags up to Forcella Foran, to the right of which one can reach Crodon del Gevero and to the left Cima Vallon scuro (1286 m). From here the panorama is magnificent, with a view of the entire valley below and of the Piave plain that, on clear days, even allows a glimpse of the sea. For the descent it will then suffice to retrace the outward path.

Connections with other trails

From Forcella Foran start a series of paths that allow you to reach Col de Moi, continuing straight (1358 m) or to Praderadego, a pass in which the Claudio Augusta Altinate also passed, descending to the left. Or it will be possible to return to the parking lot by continuing from Forcella Foran towards the left, in path No. 2, which will go through the Vallonscuro and Costacurta bivouacs and then return to San Boldo (v.giro dei tre bivacchi).

The hike with a professional hiking guide

Half day
15€ /person
  • Hiking guide
  • Assistance throughout the day
  • Explanation of places

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