Hike for Roby

A path born from friendship

The troi per Roby is a trail that was reopened in 2018 thanks to the work of a group of local young people. The trail is dedicated to Roberto D'Agostin, a young man who passed away at the age of 27 in a car accident.

Photographic scenarios

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Recommended period

This route is recommended in every season of the year

Expert guide

This itinerary includes the possibility of booking a hiking guide who will accompany you along the entire route, telling you anecdotes and trivia.

Free parking

This itinerary provides free parking where you can leave your vehicle for the duration of the hike

Trail for Roby: the itinerary

The trail begins in the vicinity of the capitol of St. Ottilia, passing the village of Tovena in the direction of the San Boldo Pass is placed on the left. On the opposite side of the road there is a gravel clearing where you can park your car. Taking the path that skirts the capitol, you initially pass by the Chalet of James, a delightful private cottage; having arrived at a small water source, you turn right taking the Troi per Roby. Continuing on you will encounter a detour, keep right and leave the small path leading to the Landro di San Virgilio on your left. The path now becomes steeper and once out of the woods you will reach a bench where there is also a sculpture by the artist Valentino Moro of Miane. At this point you will have a panoramic view of the entire village of Tovena and part of the Prosecco Hills. We then continue following the signs for Trincea-Campo climbing among rocks and meadows with a considerable slope. Before reaching Cima Campo you will have to face three quite challenging and exposed passages that require the utmost caution and a fair ability to walk in the mountains. Once you reach Cima Campo you will re-enter the woods, here there is another bench with a table, excellent for a break after the climb, and it will also be possible to see a small trench dating back to World War I. From this point the descent begins, all immersed in the green of the forest, wonderful landscapes will open up overlooking the Cisonese side of Cima Campo. The descent is less steep than the ascent and there are no difficult points, you will descend with a good constancy following the Zanin path, easily identified and indicated at intersections with other paths. At the end of the Troi per Roby you will pass again in front of James' Cabin thus returning to the initial point. If you wish you can request a hiking guide to accompany you on the trail, for more information continue reading below.

The hike with a professional hiking guide:

half day
15€ /person
  • Hiking guide
  • Assistance throughout the day
  • Explanation of places

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