Troi dele Vache: hike along an historical trail

Rediscovery of ancient trails

An itinerary capable of offering spectacular views that range from the Soligo valley to the Venetian lagoon; broadleaf forests that provide atmospheres that are in no way inferior to those of the magnificent forests of Trentino. A path inextricably steeped in history, which harks back to when the people who lived in this area had to travel these ferries that allowed them to take the animals to the heights, where they would remain throughout the summer, and then return to the valley during the winter period.


You will travel ancient trails once used animals and goods on the highlands during the summer period.

Suggested period

This route is recommended in all seasons of the year. In winter, it is necessary to dress appropriately to deal with the often-present snow.

Professional hiking guide

This excursion includes the possibility of booking a guide who will accompany you throughout the day, letting discover you the anecdotes and curiosities of these places

Free park

These itinerary provide free parking located behind the church of Lago, right in the centre of the town

The itinerary

The start of this itinerary is located behind the church of Lago, from which, continuing to the left, it will be possible to meet a paved road that climbs uphill and after a short while turns into a path that enters the middle of the forest. It then continues until it reaches a clearing in which it will be possible to find a monument and enjoy a view of the lakes of Revine. The path then enters the woods sometimes meeting the main road but continuing perpendicular to it, until an opening onto a vast meadow, from which to admire the panorama in all its fullness, continuing then in the middle of an ancient track dug into the meadow furrow and bordered here and there by dry stone walls. From here you will soon reach Pian de Frassenè, from which it will then be possible to reach the locality “la Posa” to the left (and from here follow the road that leads to Sottocroda and then to Lago), or to reach Pian delle Femene, to the right.

We chose this second alternative, going down the Strada delle Musse, intercepted by taking the path that meets on the right, before the beginning of the paved road that leads from Pian delle Femene to the village of Revine. The road enters once again the middle of the forest, allowing you to meet, after about 40 minutes, the remains of Castel Maor, the old castle that towered over the village of Revine. Continuing downward and following the signs we will then arrive after a little more than an hour at Revine Lago, from where it will be possible to continue along the bike path or descend, at Santa Maria, to follow the dirt road that runs along the lake, until we return to Lago, our starting point.

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Half a day
  • Professional hiking guide
  • Assistance throughout the day
  • Explanation of places
Half a day
Children under 14 years
  • Professional hiking guide
  • Assistance throughout the day
  • Explanation of places

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