Mount Baldo in Vittorio Veneto

Monte Baldo Vittorio Veneto, the summit of the valley

In this simple excursion, we will take you to discover the summit of Monte Baldo, only 597m high but guaranteeing a magnificent view of the valley, with the town of Revine Lago surmounted by Monte Frascon, Monte PIzzoc and, on the opposite side, the Victorian hills. The beauty of this itinerary, with a modest difference in altitude that lends itself to all types of legs, lies in the route, which runs along the ridge line of what is the highest of the peaks that encircle the Vallata in the western area.

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A visit to Serravalle will allow us to take a step back in time, to when this territory was given as a feud to the ‘Da Camino’ family, who favoured the flourishing development of this town thanks to the commercial opportunities offered by the contacts with Cadore and Val Lapisina and the manufacturing activities that arose along the Meschio river.
Terrazza degli artiglieri and Church of San'Antonio Abate
From the top of the hill where the Terrazza degli Artiglieri and the remains of the ancient oratory dedicated to San’t Antonio Abate stand, we enjoy a splendid view of the opposite side of the mountain, where S. Augusta stands, and the city of Vittorio Veneto.
We will take you on a discovery of a small village immersed in other times, with its typical architecture incorporating old houses, old arcades and fountains.

The itinerary: Mount Baldo in Vittorio Veneto

You can park your car in Serravalle di Vittorio Veneto, in the pay car parks in Via Casoni or in the tree-lined avenue of Via Cavour. From here, once you have reached the picturesque village of Serravalle, take Via Roma, at the historic pizzeria ‘Al 128’, continuing until you come to the Castrum di Serravalle and turn into Via Caprera.

Go straight ahead as far as the tavern ‘La Vecchia Serravalle’, then turn left towards the locality ‘Con Bassi’ where, after passing through an archway and through the village, you will find a path that climbs into the woods. From here you will come to a clearing with vineyards, from which the path continues upwards and then to the left, in the direction of the locality of “Con Alti” where you will come to an asphalt road that passes under a porch and then through the houses.

At the end of the road, at the fork, we will turn left and the road will turn into a mule track: these are the Vie dell’Acqua (Water Paths), which will take us to the village of Nogarolo, passing through the locality of “Prese” (which owes its name to the water intakes that once ran through it) and “delle Selve”, with their splendid centuries-old chestnut trees that provide shade and coolness in summer.

When we reach Nogarolo, after filling up with water at the fountain located below the church and having refreshments at the Codirosso inn, we are ready to set off again towards Monte Baldo, the true stage of our excursion: we continue towards the end of the village, along Via dei Montagnai, until we take path 1051, which bears the signs for Serravalle and enters the woods along a historic mule track. On reaching the ruins of Case Checuz, the path changes to path 1043 and, after a short stretch, reaches the meadowy area of Pian de Sitada, then turns left and climbs up to the Valèta dei Piai pass. Continuing along the edge of the mountain ridge, from here we immediately reach the summit of Monte Baldo (550 m), with its large wooden cross and its view of Revine, the Vallata and the Belluno area to the north and the Victorian hills to the south.

From here we begin the descent that will take us back to our starting point: we continue on to Borgo Vignola, intercepting the ruins of the Castel di Montesel and, a little further on, the panoramic terrace on Monte Cucco, above the secret gardens, with the remains of the small Church of Sant’Antonio Abate. From here we continue along Via Piai, until we return to our starting point, passing under an arcade and coming out at the price of the pizzeria ‘Al 128’ from which we had departed

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