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Among the main sites of the Great War in Trentino

An excursion that intercepts the sites of the Great War in Trentino, among military forts, gorges and trenches. A plunge back into the past, immersed in spectacular landscapes, where human action becomes one with the environment. We advise you to walk this itinerary during the spring or summer months, to avoid finding points on the path where there is ice or intercepting skiers on the slopes.

Photographic scenarios

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Trail that can be done with dogs

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Free park

This route provides free parking near the trailhead

Historical Itinerary

This itinerary covers some of the historical places where the Great War was fought in Trentino.

Forra del Lupo: itinerary

The starting point for this excursion is the village of Serrada, in the municipality of Folgaria, Trentino.

You will find a free car park, along the road leading to the Cogola Restaurant, where you can leave your car. From here, follow the signs for Forra del Lupo (Gorge of the Wolf), which will soon take you along a panoramic path that climbs slightly uphill, crossing stairs and small bridges.

Continuing on, the path goes deeper and deeper into the woods, intercepting the first trenches of the Great War: we will encounter several of them along the way. They were built by the Austro-Hungarian army on the Martinella ridge during the First World War.

Continuing on, we will soon reach one of the most scenic places on our hike: the Forra del Lupo (Gorge of the Wolf). This is a long trench built during the War and only rediscovered in 2014 by a group of volunteers.

Having reached this point, it is possible to turn back along the same route or continue towards the Dosso delle Somme, as we did. We recommend this second variant, which, coming out of the woods, will give you a beautiful view of the Terragnolo Valley, as well as allowing you to discover one of the largest military forts in Trentino.

This structure, built between 1910 and 1915, was heavily bombed during the war and in 1936 underwent a series of demolitions to recover the steel contained in the roofs.

To return to our starting point, we then followed itinerary 136, which will soon lead you to the Baita Tonda hut, near the ski lifts. We advise against taking this route in winter, as we did, because the risk is that you will find icy areas and people along the slopes, which cut across the path.

By following trail marker 136, which leads back into the forest, you will then reach Serrada again in about 1h.

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