Viote ring on Bondone

An immersion in flowery meadows

The Viote ring on Mount Bondone is a must-do if you love flowers! In fact, along the entire route, you will walk through grassy expanses carpeted with the most varied floral species. An unmissable stop is then a visit to one of the oldest and most aesthetically pleasing alpine gardens in the Alps, the Giardino delle Viote. Managed by the MUSE, it boasts over 2,000 species of rare plants from all over the world!


On the way, it is possible to meet the Viote Refuge, at the start of the route, and the Roncher Hut, about halfway along the route.

Recommended period

This route is recommended during all year seasons. During the winter, it is recommended to be equipped with snowshoes!

Photographic scenarios

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Dog-friendly trek

This route can also be walked with your four-legged friend.

Viote ring on Bondone: the route

The starting point for this itinerary is near the Viote Alpine Botanical Garden, on the summit of Bondone. After parking your car in the convenient car park near this garden, one of the oldest and largest in the Alps, we are ready to set off! We descend down the little staircase to the right of the garden, immediately entering the coolness of the forest. We continue along the easy dirt road of the Viote road, until we come to an asphalt road. We walk along a section of it until we come to a path that climbs up a slight slope in the middle of a beech forest, on the left. We continue through the forest, encountering the most varied floral species. We soon reach a fork in the path, where we keep to the left, first encountering a stretch of woodland and then a large flowery clearing with a small wooden house. We continue along the same path, in what is the most demanding section of our itinerary, given the difference in altitude concentrated in just a few metres. We finally emerge from the forest and find ourselves in a large clearing, from which we have a beautiful view of the Bondone peaks. We follow the path downhill, until we find ourselves in a wide meadowy expanse, from which we can take the path leading to Malga Roncher. Having reached this intermediate stage and refreshed ourselves a little, we resume our walk towards the cars: once we have descended from the malga, we take the track that descends towards the valley at the end of the clearing. We follow it until we find ourselves on the asphalt road, from which we take the same path for the return journey. P.S.: We recommend a visit to the Viote Alpine Botanical Garden at the end of the trail!

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