Telegrafo Peak – Garda Lake

Telegrafo Peak: a unique view over the Garda lake

The star of this hike is undoubtedly Lake Garda, the fantastic view that will open up to you once you reach the top will repay you for all the effort. From Telegrafo Peak you will be able to admire the whole Lake Garda.

Photographic sceneries

You will not be disappointed, our trails deserve many photos that you can share with all your friends

Suggested period

This hike is recommended in Summer-Fall and Spring

Hut with kitchen

Upon reaching Telegraph Peak you can eat at the Telegrafo hut.

Free parking space

These itinerary includes a free parking lot located in Novezza where you can leave your vehicle

The itinerary

The start is set in Novezza. Leaving the car in the large free parking lot on the right, we walk along the road for a few hundred meters, then turn left toward Baita Novezza. From where we intercept the beginning of the trail to Telegrafo hut.

The first part of the trail climbs very steeply along a meadow, the trail is always well marked by trail markers and signs. We enter the forest of low mugo and beech trees following the trail, which now becomes narrower.

At the first crossroads we keep left and continue climbing following the signs for Cima Telegrafo. The trail now becomes more exposed, and in some places you will need to help yourself slightly with your hands to overcome some of the rockier and steeper sections. With proper attention, however, the trail is always passable and easy to find.

A few more small efforts and two hairpin bends will lead us to the Telegrafo hut, descending on the other side of the mountain. Here an extraordinary view of the entire Lake Garda will open up, which will amply repay us for the effort made to get this far.

We recommend that you stop for a break at the hut, where you can enjoy excellent mountain cuisine, with several proposals of the day and an absolutely fair price for the service offered. More information at:

After this break we set off again, climbing along Telegrafo Peak reaching the crucifix placed on its summit. From here the view is even more beautiful, offering a 360-degree view of the surrounding peaks and the lake. We continue along the ridge of the mountain: care must be taken here, the bottom is sometimes slippery due to the presence of small rocks and stones. Sure footing and some hiking experience is definitely required.

Past this ridge section we rejoin a trail that continues below the crest of the massif. We continue until we reach a junction that turns right and will take us back to the starting point of our hike. We recommend that you continue on to also reach Cima Valdritta from where you can see the Trentino side of Lake Garda.

The ascent to this peak is short but still requires an absence of vertigo and sure-footedness given the exposure and some passages over steep rocks. Going up Cima Valdritta you will also encounter two small suggestive caves, entering them you can feel the effect of a natural fridge given by the rocks of the mountain.

Once you reach the summit you will descend along the same road you took to climb until you return to the junction for Novezza encountered earlier. Here you will begin to descend along a steep slope entering the green scrubland rich in mughoos and mountain flowers. The vegetation will become richer again, signaling the loss of altitude we are facing. We will then rejoin the path we faced on the way up, descending down the steep grassy slope that will lead us back to the parking lot where we left the car.

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