The three bivouac tour

At the discovery of the bivouac

The three bivouacs tour explore three cozy bivouacs nestled in the foothills of the Alps. In each of them you can spend a few hours relaxing or even spend the whole night. Definitely an experience to try at least once in a lifetime. When you find a bivouac always remember this simple rule: let's always leave it nicer than we found it!

Photographic scenarios

You will not be disappointed, our trails deserve many photos that you can share with all your friends

Suggested period

This route is recommended in Summer-Fall and Spring


The route winds between three characteristic bivouacs, perfect for a stop during the hike

Free park

These itinerary provide free parking located in San Boldo pass

The itinerary

It is possible to park your car along the free parking lots on the right as soon as you descend the San Boldo Pass. From here you will walk towards the restaurant at Laris. Here you will see the first signs for Rifugio dei Loff. 

At the first crossroads we take the right following trail marker number 2. The trail begins uphill, entering the middle of a lush forest of broadleaf trees typical of the area. The path is very wide and has no particular roughness. The first section is definitely the most challenging given the moderate incline. Do not give up and hold on, past this first piece in fact the path becomes easier making the walk more relaxed. 

You will then reach the first bivouac: the Costacurta bivouac. Be careful it is located behind the remains of another building, if you don’t find it right away don’t despair, just pass this ruin and you will see the beautiful and recently restored Costacurta bivouac popping up. Take your time to explore the small building and the surrounding landscape, you can also take a break by taking advantage of the benches and table outside. 

From here the trail continues in the direction of Bivacco Vallon Scuro, the forest opens up and in front of you will be Cima Vallon Scuro, named after the characteristic valley formed by very dark conifers, which create a very different atmosphere from what you have seen so far. 

When you come to a junction where you will find several trail markers keep to the right, climbing up the bare slope via the cobblestone path, (if you do not feel like continuing or want a shorter ride you can keep to the left instead by taking trail number 2 in the direction of Campo S. Boldo). 

Continuing on you will enter along a fir forest, here the atmosphere will become much darker and gloomier but at the same time quite atmospheric. 
Continuing along the path you will reach the Vallon Scuro bivouac. After exploring it you will continue along the path thus reaching Foran col. Junction point of several trails in the area. From here continue in the direction of the Loff bivouac. Undoubtedly the most characteristic of the three bivouacs of the day, the Loff bivouac is set among the rock of the mountain and from here you can admire an incredible view of all the ridges that seem to embrace the small village of Cison di Valmarino. After admiring this place and taking all the appropriate souvenir photos we will set out to return in the direction of San Boldo. 

We will find again the junction we had encountered on the outward journey and this time we will follow trail marker number 2 in the direction of Campo – S. Boldo. 
After passing the first stretch with a slightly slippery surface, given the presence of gravel, at the junction with the Scaletta path keep left and continue following the signs towards Passo San Boldo – Loc. Campo.
After passing the first section immersed in the woods, you will come to a wonderful grassy expanse, called precisely Loc. Campo. Here the path gives way to a cemented road that in a few minutes will lead us back to the starting point. 

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