Excursion to Santa Barbara on Lake Garda

Chapel with view

Not far from the well-known Ponale path is a track leading to the scenic little church of Santa Barbara. Along the path, you will be surrounded by pine forests and the scenic bastion of Riva del Garda, as well as a succession of panoramic spots on the lake. The finishing point? A small church with a 360° view of Lake Garda and the small villages bordering the lake!


A route steeped in history, where you can visit structures that bear witness to the past of these territories

Recommended period

This route is recommended during all year seasons

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This path leads to a bivouac: Capanna Santa Barbara where you can stop for lunch.

Chapel of Santa Barbara: the route

The starting point for this route is located not far from the centre of Riva del Garda. Not far from the town centre, walk along Via Bastione and, after the Via Monte Oro roundabout, follow the road uphill, signposted for Bastione. The path will become narrower and narrower, turning from asphalt to cobblestones, into a winding road. You will soon reach Via Santa Maria Maddalena, from which, turning left, you will immediately reach the Bastion of Riva del Garda. After pausing here to catch our breath and enjoy the spectacular view, we head towards the path winding behind the bastion, which still climbs perpendicular to the mountain. We then reach another dirt road where, keeping to the left, we again intercept the path that branches off between bends and pine forests. We reach the first stage of our excursion: the Santa Barbara hut, equipped with benches with a view where we can stop in the sun for lunch. We then head towards the final stage of our route: the Santa Barbara chapel. We reach it via the path we take to the left of the bivouac, after intercepting an aqueduct. From the little church we enjoy a beautiful view of Lake Garda and its beautiful villages lying near the water. For the return journey, we have two different options: either return along the same path we took on the outward journey, or take a loop route. This second option involves taking path 405 from 'Bochet d'Enzima' back towards Riva del Garda. Along this stretch you will find iron ladders for which the use of ferrata equipment is recommended. P.S.: Be careful if you walk along this path during the spring period because, as there are many pinewoods, the processionary moth can often be found. This is an insect that can cause dermatitis in humans if the skin comes into contact with the processionary moth's stinging hairs. It is also dangerous for dogs who might come into contact with these hairs with their nose or tongue.

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Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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