Hike to Lake Coldai

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A small lake in the Dolomites

The excursion to Lake Coldai is one of the most beautiful routes in the Belluno Dolomites. This route will provide you with unforgettable views of the Pelmo, leading you to the foot of the Civetta, until you reach a splendid natural lake set in the middle of the mountains, which overlooks the town of Alleghe. You must try it!

Photographic scenarios

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Suggested period

This route is recommended during Spring and Summer

Free park

This itinerary provides free parking located at the foot of Combai, the starting point of the hike

Mountain hut

This itinerary includes a stop at the "A. Sonino" refuge at Coldai

Hike to Lake Coldai: the itinerary

The start of the hike to Lake Coldai is at the Palafavera refuge, near the Staulanza pass, which can be reached by car from Pecol. After parking the car in the convenient car park in front of the hut and enjoying an excellent coffee, we set off along the path that runs parallel to the hut, to the left of the ski slope. The path is well signposted and first winds its way along a wide dirt road until it reaches Casera Pioda, an old alpine hut. From here it then becomes a little more winding and narrow, crossing the mountain slopes and offering unexpected panoramic views of Monte Pelmo and Val di Zoldo. In less than an hour it is then possible to reach the Sonnino al Coldai refuge, following path number 556.

Once we arrive at the refuge, after refreshments, we continue on towards Lake Coldai, which we reach in about 15 minutes. We follow the path around the lake and enjoy an unexpected view of Alleghe, after which we climb up the relief to the right of the lake to enjoy a beautiful view of Cortina.

We then descend following the same path as at the start, until we reach the Palafavera hut and the car again (you can either walk the last section of the path along the meadow below the ski lifts as we did, or take the same route as on the way up).

An easier alternative to the hike to Lake Coldai from Palafavera, in order to enjoy its beauty even if you are not very fit, is to use the ski lifts that go up from Alleghe, arriving at Piani di Pezzè and then taking the chairlift to Col dei Baldi. From here, a wide dirt road leads to Malga Pioda, and then take path no. 556, which reaches Rifugio Sonnino and from here to Coldai, in about an hour and a half. 

P.S: bathing is forbidden in Lake Coldai, remember that it is not a swimming pool but a natural lake, wedged between the mountains, with a fragile ecosystem!

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