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Cycling through the Prosecco Hills

We propose a bike tour through the Prosecco hills, among rows of vines and breathtaking views. We will cycle near the beautiful village of Rolle, the iconic little church of Collagù and the scenic Borgo Grotta, returning via Col San Martino to the characteristic villages of Campea and Premaor.

Photographic scenarios

You will not be disappointed, our routes deserve many photos that you can share with all your friends.

Recommended period

This route is recommended throughout the year

Cycling route

The route has unpaved sections: it is recommended to ride it with a mountain bike.

Place of worship

The route arrives at a place of worship, the iconic little church of Collagù.

Bike tour in Collagù: itinery

The starting point for the Collagù bike tour we have chosen is near Tovena, but you can also choose to start from Cison di Valmarino or La Bella/Pedeguarda if you wish to shorten the route.

We ride along the cycle path that starts in the Tovena countryside to reach Gai and, from here, Zuel di Là. We continue along the Fontanafredda locality to shortly arrive at Zuel di Qua from where, following Strada del Macaron, we arrive near the village of Rolle. From here we follow the signs for Farrò, turning along Via Marzolle and skirting the stream of the same name, until we reach Pedeguarda.

We continue along the main road and then we turn along Via Croda and, from here, along Via Collagù. We soon arrive, via an asphalted ascent along rows of vinerys, at the iconic little church of Collagù. Here the view opens up, giving us a spectacular view of the Prosecco hills and of the valley below.

We then prepare for the downhill: we continue along via Collagù and then follow the road that turns from asphalt to dirt road and descends steeply through the vineyards, until we reach Borgo Grotta. We reccomend you to be very careful on the descent because the road is full of tight hairpin bends and potholes and is very steep indeed.

After crossing the iconic Borgo Grotta, via Via Rialto and Via San Nicolò, we arrive in Farra di Soligo. From here we travel along the main road to the nearby village of Col San Martino, from where we continue along the side road Via Fontana.

We cycle along Via Cal Nuovo, Via Moncader and Via Cavallotto, appreciating the route between the rows of vines and the small hamlets on asphalted roads. We reach the charming hamlet of Campea and we continue along the right to Premaòr.

From there, along the main road, we arrive near Follina where, shortly after passing the locality of Tre Ponti, we turn right along an asphalted road that proceeds alongside the river, soon becoming a dirt road. We therefore conclude our route along the cycle track that will take us back to our starting point.

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