Hiking to Monte Altare

Pleasant discoveries within a few steps of the centre

A few steps from the centre of Vittorio Veneto hides Monte Altare. Unknown to most, it conceals an intricate ramification of paths, some of which lead to its cross, a scenic viewpoint over historic Serravalle and Ceneda, as well as the mountains surrounding Vittorio Veneto.

Photographic scenarios

Halfway along the route you will come across the cross of Monte Altare, a spectacular viewpoint over Vittorio Veneto.

Recommended period

This route is practicable throughout the year

Free parking

There are several free parking spaces in the tree-lined avenue leading to the centre of Vittorio Veneto.


This mountain holds an important history, that of the Celtic people who chose it as a place of worship.

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Hiking to monte Altare: itinerary

The starting point of this itinerary is a few steps from the centre of Vittorio Veneto, at the Viale della Vittoria gardens. Crossing them, near the station, on the left you will find a subway that soon turns into a path that climbs into the woods. Continue along the latter, until you come to an asphalt road that proceeds uphill, leading to a house at the top of a small hill. From here, the path continues to the left through the wood. After a few metres it turns into a serpentine path, with a slight positive difference in altitude, that will take us to our aspired destination: the Croce del Monte Altare. From here we enjoy a view of historic Serravalle, Ceneda, as far as San Giacomo, and can also admire the mountains surrounding Vittorio Veneto. For the return journey, after having intercepted the small mule track that had led us to the cross, we descend on the opposite side of the mountain, until we come to a group of houses: Case Segat. From here we descend, skirting the fence and entering the wood, until we come to a path perpendicular to ours, which bears the sign "area Fenderl". In a few minutes we are therefore back at our starting point.

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