Along the waterway at Cison di Valmarino

The waterway in Cison di Valmarino one of the most beautiful villages in Italy

At Cison di Valmarino, a small village in the hinterland of Treviso, a small piece of history immersed in an almost fairytale setting can be found along the Rujee engineering system. They were created to ensure a constant water supply, even in times of drought, and to guarantee the exploitation of the short length of the shaft and the pronounced slope of the course of the Rujo. Along its banks, the remains of old industrial buildings and signs of water, tangible expressions of the human domestication of this place, merge with the natural and environmental heritage, which boasts a rich biodiversity in terms of species and environments. All this forms the Via dell'Acqua, a path immersed in nature, which can be walked in all seasons of the year.

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The itinerary

The 'Via dell'Acqua' (waterway) itinerary begins at the bridge over the Rujo just after the town hall square in Cison and continues through the Capretta Mugnai hamlet, where the water from the gully that runs in this section submerges the buildings, in the past from Friday and hydraulic to various factories and in 801 a dairy and a sawmill. Leaving the hamlet and leaving the building of the former follo to the right, we reach the 'Dai Salton' washhouse and enter the locality of Mariterà, where there was once a mallet, now converted into a private dwelling. From here we then head to the locality of Bosc de Fol where, passing to the right of the Rujea between the houses of the Moret mills, we then come to a large wash-house in front of the former Fiorin mill, which has recently undergone restoration to restore the splendour of its wheel with its cassette blades from the second half of the 20th century. From here, the path continues up the stream, in this section that has become more impervious and is therefore equipped with footbridges, fences and wooden steps, from which it is soon possible to reach the San Silvestro washhouse and, after a few dozen metres, the small church of the same name, documented since 1224 and embellished with works by Egidio dall'Olio. The Via dell'Acqua itinerary begins at the San Silvestro wash-house and coincides with the end of the Via dei Mulini, with which it shares the first stretch as far as the ford on Rujo; from here, the route winds its way among rocks, small waterfalls with natural basins modelled on the rock, and footbridges over the water, until it reaches the valley that hosts the 'Bujon del Gal', formed by many small reservoirs dug by the water on the bottom of the stream, in its less steep section. Having passed a second footbridge, beyond the Boujon, the Rujo is then forced to turn abruptly, and then runs through a series of three weirs, at the end of which is a splendid example of a centuries-old beech tree. Finally, following a last stretch through the forest, you come out to the south of the Piazzale degli Alpini. From here it is then possible to follow the route again or, more easily, to descend along the tarmac road back to the starting point.

Connections to other itineraries

From the alpine hut, it is possible to continue by taking a series of paths through the rocky amphitheatre above, until reaching Cima Vallon Scuro (1286 m), Cima Agnellezze (1185 m), the Crodon del Gevero (1254 m) and from here the Campo di San Boldo, via the Passo della Scaletta.

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