Val Trippera

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A corner of paradise lost in Prosecco Hills

Here the rush of water and the triumph of colors alternate with magical, sometimes fairy-tale-like scenery created by the striking rocks that watch over the left and right of the trail. An itinerary to disconnect after a heavy work week or simply to regenerate through immersion in nature.

Photographic scenarios

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Recommended period

This trail is recommended in spring

Free parking

This route provides free parking, near the Pieve di San Pietro di Feletto.

Expert guide

This itinerary includes the possibility of being accompanied by an expert guide who will tell you stories and curiosities about this place.

Val Trippera: the route

The immersion in this pleasant landscape begins just after the Pieve in San Pietro di Feletto, where you can leave your car in the ample free car park: on the opposite side of the road is a brown sign with the sign ‘Val Trippera’.

You then descend the steep asphalt road, skirting the vineyard on the left and continuing along a wide path through the vineyards. After a short while, you come to a ruined building, near which the route turns left.

From here, we continue further through the vineyards until the path leads onto a paved road. We pass the two cypressus glabra trees that, like lookouts, line the road and we continue on until we come to a private house, which we will surround, following the blue and white signs marked A19. They will accompany us throughout our journey.
We continue downhill until we come to a sign indicating the “Cannella” Source. We proceed in the opposite direction, to the left, entering in the heart of Val Trippera.

Here the path becomes narrower and the landscape changes: to the left we are accompanied by the sound of the Lierza river and all around us there are flowering rocks, as hanging gardens.
We follow the red signs painted in the trees and stones that show us the way. In this way we arrive at an unexpected place, the Grappa Cave.
We will not reveal what it is because we want to leave you with the astonishment of seeing it and entering in it. We continue, accompanied by the gentle sound of water, crossing a small wooden bridge and coming to a clearing. We walk along it, until we reach the old Crevada mill.

From here we ford the stream, using a charming stone path, and come out onto a road close to a private property. We walk along it until the path turns back into an asphalt road and comes to a wayside shrine.
From this point, we turn left into a hamlet of houses and from here, past a stone-arched, we continue following the blue and white signs marked A19.
Here we can choose from two different routes: we can continue in the direction of the main road or opt for a ‘more naturalistic and adventurous’ return. The first option intercept Borgo Antigua, taking a stretch of asphalt road; the second venture through the vineyards, intercepting Borgo Anese, but without following a real path.

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