The Fontane Bianche oasis

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A nature oasis overlooking the Piave River

We propose here an itinerary between history and nature. History is represented by the Piave River, in which the last major offensive of World War I was fought between the Italian and Austro-Hungarian armies. Nature is provided by the Fontane Bianche Oasis, located near the bed of the Piave River, where water flows year-round thanks to resurgences. Further making this environment magical, there are dragonflies, birds, butterflies that will accompany us along the way.

Photographic scenarios

You will not be disappointed, our trails deserve many photos that you can share with all your friends

Suggested period

This route is recommended in Summer and Spring. On fine days also in Fall and Winter

Suitable for children

This is an easy route, suitable even for children. Beware only of bridges and narrow passages in the case of strollers

Short Path

This is a route that can also be done when you are short on time and want to spend time in nature

The itinerary

You can park your car in the free parking lots near Plavilandia Park or in the paid parking lots in Falzè, along the Piave River, where there is also a rest area with fireplaces and benches for a possible picnic lunch.

From here we will take the Volpere trail, so named because of the rich population of foxes that once, and partly still, inhabit it. Here we will skirt the bed of the Piave River and have a chance to admire the many natural cavities and caves formed by its course and used as shelter since ancient times.

We will then continue on to the Fontane Bianche Nature Oasis, which we will walk through by means of a loop, with a few overlooks of the Piave River and a chance to admire the crystal-clear waters of this nature paradise.

We invite you to linger and watch the fish, dragonflies and birds that inhabit these environments, also making use of the sighting huts and benches placed at strategic points along the trail. 

Once we get near the resurgences, we follow the signs to the dragonfly pond and walk back to the Oasis entrance point, retracing the Volpere trail again to return to where we parked the car.

Have you got any questions?

Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have

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