Riding between Montello and the Asolo hills

The Montello and the Asolo hills

This route winds its way through history, art and food and wine. Montello is a witness to the great battles that were fought during World War I. In fact, there are still many tangible testimonies in this place. The Asolo hills offer the perfect landscape to spend a day riding your bike.

Photographic scenarios

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Suggested Period

This route is recommended in Summer and Spring. On fine days also in Fall and Winter

Route suitable for all types of bicycles

The road surface is always paved, making this route suitable for all types of bicycles

City of art and culture

This itinerary passes through places of cultural and artistic interest

The itinerary

The starting point is set at the center of Nervesa della Battaglia, at the foot of the  Montello. Here you can leave your car and start pedaling towards the first climb: Montello. 

The gradients are never exaggerated, plus the almost always present wood offers many shady spaces that even in summer make pedaling pleasant. Reaching the apex of the climb you will find Santa Maria della Vittoria where a shrine dominate the place.

From here begins the descent that leads to the foothills of Montello, so we cross the town of Cornuda to enter along the Asolo hills. The first village we will meet is Monfumo, its hills are called: the hills of silence. This strip of hills is rich in biodiversity. In fact, there are many vegetative and animal species that inhabit this pristine place. In our opinion, this is one of the most beautiful roads to bike in the province of Treviso

A few more kilometers immersed in the beauty of the Monfumo hills and you will reach the center of Asolo. Here it is worth making a stop to visit this quaint town center full of taverns and very charming and elegant historic buildings. 

After the stop we will set off again towards Maser, here we recommend a visit to the villa of Maser, very interesting from an artistic and architectural point of view, it also hosts an exhibition of antique carriages. 

We then head in the direction of Montebelluna where we will take the Canale del Bosco road, reserved for pedestrian and bicycle traffic. These last pleasant flat kilometers will bring us back to the starting point in Nervesa della Battaglia.

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