Marco Zilli trail

Marco Zilli trail: a Tibetan bridge with views of San Boldo and the Dolomites

A trail among the slopes of Mount Torresel, with a point of arrival capable of repaying all the exertions of the hike: a view of the Soligo Valley, which on clear days sweeps as far as the Venice Lagoon, and a Tibetan bridge suspended in a magical setting, with a view that opens onto the San Boldo Pass with its tunnels and the Belluno Dolomites. The trail is dedicated to Marco Zilli, a mountaineer and great hiking enthusiast who died early in life, and to whom his friends wanted to dedicate this trail in his memory.

Free park

This route allows for car parking near Zilli houses in the village of Soller

Suggested period

This route is recommended in all seasons of the year. In winter, attention should be paid to snow

The itinerary

The departure is planned in the locality of Soller, a small town between Revine Lago and Cison. The itinerary begins at the height of the capitol of case Zilli where, having left the car, it will be possible to venture onto a paved road that will immediately enter the woods. Here it will be enough to follow the signs to Mount Torresel. The path will continue with more or less steep stretches, sometimes intercepting the old Caldela road, through which it is possible to reach our destination starting from Tovena, in an easier way.

After a first rather steep section, we will reach Faidel locality (m 475) and then Pian delle Sielde (m 675). Higher up we will meet some blades and a casera located at Pian di Zoppè, and then we will get to walk a short stretch of the Caldela and intercept a metal bar, over which, continuing along the dirt road that in this stretch becomes curvy, we will arrive at our destination. Here we find two farmhouses with a scenic view on one side, over the Soligo Valley and on the other, over the San Boldo Pass and the Belluna Valley.

For the return trip, it will then be possible to descend along the same path or, as in our case, for an easier descent, to walk along the Caldela and then join the path that leads to the little church of Soller, intercepted on the left just before the section where the Caldela rejoins the Zilli path in its last stretch. From here simply follow the road through the center of the village of Soller and, via the bike path, rejoin Zilli houses and the parking lot.


From the second casera that is encountered on the ascent to reach Torresel, it is possible to take a path, the beginning of which is behind the house itself. This makes it possible to reach the “Pera” or “Croda,” from which it is then possible to reach Mount Cimone and Posa. However, the path is not always well marked and has some rough stretches, especially in the last section where to climb to the top of the Croda it is necessary to walk along a grassy stretch.

Just before reaching the casere of Monte Torresel it is possible to see, in the bend of the last curve, near the capitol dedicated to Marco Zilli, a road that goes into the woods, downhill: from this it is possible to reach the Posa and, from here, the Pian delle Femene. Here you will find the Casera Vecia farmhouse where you can take a break and refresh yourself. If you still have energy you can then choose many other trails that pass through Pian de le Femene.

Have you got some questions?

Feel free to write us and we'll be happy to answer all your questions

Have you got some questions?

Feel free to write us and we'll be happy to answer all your questions

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