About us



We are Caterina and Pietro. Together we are passionate about the mountains, cultivating a love of nature. This gave rise to the Trekkyo project, whose aim is to help people discover new places, as an alternative to the best-known and most-travelled ones, while rediscovering the beauty and peace that nature can give, to young and old at the same time. Caterina is a certified AIGAE Environmental Hiking Guide, born and raised at the foot of the mountains, she will accompany you on routes and paths, which will make you spend unforgettable moments. Pietro is passionate about cycling, knows every road in the area and will accompany you on routes suitable for all needs.

Our mission

We want everyone to discover new places We believe that our country, Italy, is often undervalued. The best known places are often full of tourists. On the contrary, there are equally beautiful routes and territories just waiting to be explored! We therefore want to take you to undiscovered and less known places, to make you venture into little-visited paths, discovering a different kind of tourism from that of the masses. Our aim is to succeed in transforming people from the moment they leave to the moment they arrive, seeing the relaxing power of nature on them and immersing them in the stories and traditions of the area. This is why we collaborate with local people and authentic realities, capable of expressing the aim of our territory. Our want o be a slow and sustainable way of re-discovering nature, in harmony with the beauty that surrounds us and in tune with the inner peace that only nature can give us!

Pietro Balliana

Amateur cyclist and site curator
I have a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Business Administration and a Master's degree in Economics and Business Management from Ca'Foscari University in Venice. I am passionate about mountains and nature, and in my spare time I ride my bike to march kilometres. I know every practicable road in my hills, but during my bike rides I push myself to other regions. I practice via ferrata and, almost every weekend, I engage in hiking. I love the altitude difference and the adrenaline! I edited the site entirely.

Caterina Fava

AIGAE certified hiking guide and editor of the blog
In 2021, I qualified as an Environmental Hiking Guide. I graduated in Economics and Management of Cultural Heritage and Activities and in Sustainability and Tourism Management at the University of Trento. In my spare time I travel the mountains, at the foot of which I was born and raised, to discover new trails and have new adventures! The topic of sustainability is particularly close to my heart and I try to practise it in my everyday life! I take care of the content and excursions on the website.

Lavora con noi

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